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Rising Solutions, LLP, was founded by two multi-campaign managers, one of whom has run for office as well, who have been watching for years as companies and candidates waste their hard-earned money. Although some of the literature designs or yard signs look impressive, the track record of success is less impressive. In fact, many candidates and companies spend tens of thousands of dollars on campaign management, marketing firms and consultations, only to see no tangible success.

Why? These other firms are ultimately self-interested. They are concerned with keeping themselves afloat more than you winning. They see nothing wrong with charging you thousands of dollars to make a website that takes them a few hours to make, or spending months doing "consulting" while your company has yet to close the deal.

Your time and money is precious - and maybe it takes people who have been in your shoes to realize it. The founders of Rising Solutions are focused on producing high quality solutions for your campaign or business at a low, reasonable price. Whether you are in need of a website or palmcards, a field plan or signage, or a marketing campaign that spans traditional and social media, we provide the solutions you need so that you can focus on what is most important - your own campaign or business.

Explore our products and services, and then send us a quick message in the right sidebar. We look forward to working with you soon and helping you to succeed.